The Black American History Channel staff are currently developing Black American History content for history and documentary television in the following formats:

  • One Hour Documentaries
  • Two Hour Documentaries and Docudramas
  • Three and Four Hour Documentaries and Docudramas Series
  • Made for TV Movies

We are constantly researching and developing newly-found information and historical data to further increase our already large catalog of one hour episodes and features. We believe that this project is destined to become a never-ending story and it will help to bring people together with a new sense of humanity and respect for one another and our wonderfully interdependent relationship as human beings, in general.

Notice how men and women whose occupations bear a heavy accountability to large communities and the nations are required to take an oath?  Doctors, police officers, even the President of the United States must make a solemn vow.  What oath is required of those teaching the next generation?  Educationally, we believe that we share in this weighty responsibility.

Our goal is to research, develop, and produce historical documentary programming pertaining to the history of Black Americans that will include both new and established talent, in front of and behind the camera. Through this matrix and additional strategic alliances Black American History, Inc. will fill a niche in television programming showcasing the contributions made by Blacks to America, its citizens and industries.