Obviously the month of February—nationally designated as “Black History Month”—could never begin to properly discover or shed any real light on the richness and complexity of any collective culture or people, let alone their experience as a whole.  The Black Experience is an American experience—multi-faceted, multi-cultural, and multi-colored.  Despite this fact, the volumes of under-exposed and outright unexplored contributions—all invaluable and crucial to the Black Experience—are astounding.

Portrayal of black people in a factual and positive light merits a quality of investigation that is respectfully thorough.  We believe it is our duty to illuminate, share, and nurture our legacy; thereby dispelling the negative images and stereotypical portrayals of the Black race in America which continues to evolve in motion pictures, books, and the news media.

There are hundreds of topics and individuals (known and unknown) that have contributed to the history of this great nation which desperately need to be exposed to the public.  Our mission is to penetrate the truth, and to dissect and discard the myths of Black American History which—both subtly and overtly—continue to thrive in our society and in our schools.  We will present the multitude of contributions made by Black Americans, i.e. the arts, literature, theatre, the old west, business, education, medicine, science, aviation, military, politics, inventions and inventors, music, film, stage, comedy, women, civil rights, religion, heroes, legal, gay, lesbian, transgender and scores of unnamed topics and events…as well as the many unsung heroes of Black History here in America.

This project is like no other programming being broadcast by any network on television.  We all will contribute something to our nation that is vital to its longevity.  In the near future, we look forward to showcasing and honoring the robust history and experience of Native Americans, Asian Americans, and the many others who have contributed so enormously to our nation.

This project is destined to become a never ending story!